ABYC releases latest standards report

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The American Boat and Yacht Council published its latest “Standards and Technical Information Report for Small Craft,” which covers all major systems and provides boatbuilding and repair guidelines.

“Each year the standards are updated to reflect changes in industry best practices and advancements in technology,” ABYC technical director Brian Goodwin said in a statement.

Supplement 58 of “Standards and Technical information for Small Craft” includes new requirements for fire detection and bus bars, and a new report on invasive species.

ABYC also provides a new overview document that highlights the changes and revisions in the supplement.

Combining the overview document with the compliance audit tool released earlier this year, users can better confirm compliance requirements, ABYC technical vice president Craig Scholten said. “These tools offer a manufacturer’s engineering, design, development, prototype, compliance and quality staffs an excellent roadmap and a consistent approach to product compliance requirements.”