ABYC set to release standards update


The American Boat and Yacht Council is giving its annual update to the Standards and Technical Information Reports for Small Craft.

The standards by which boats are built and repaired will be released Aug. 1.

ABYC standards C-1 Primer Bulbs and C-2 Carbon Canisters also were published and are available for purchase on the ABYC website. Standards such as these provide the framework for the National Marine Manufacturers Association Boat & Yacht Certification program and are a reliable and authoritative reference for evaluating issues of design, construction, maintenance and product performance.

“It is imperative that those in the industry have access to the current standards. The simplest and most cost-effective way to get the standards is to join ABYC,” ABYC technical director Brian Goodwin said in a statement. “It’s never too soon to start analyzing the standards to make sure your product and repair work meets ABYC content.”

Standards and Technical Information Reports for Small Craft is available for purchase on CD, as a paper manual and on ABYC’s website through WebSTIR, which is powered by Rulefinder.net.

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