ABYC shifts report access to its website

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The American Boat and Yacht Council announced that beginning in late July the primary method of accessing the newest edition of the Standards and Technical Information Reports for Small Craft will be the new WebSTIR link on its website.

All ABYC members will have unlimited access to WebSTIR on the "Members Only" side of the ABYC website as part of their annual membership fee.

"This decision was made after analyzing multiple factors including standards delivery trends across industries and around the globe; setup, printing and processing costs for both paper and CD versions; and what ABYC calls 'our environmental obligation to support and promote an eco-conscious business model,' " the council said in a statement.

The paper manual and CD version of the standards will remain available for purchase at an initial annual fee of $69.95 plus shipping and processing.

By no later than July 31, current and active members need only to log in to the Members Only side of the ABYC website. Once there, entry into WebSTIR is a mouse click away. To log in to the Members Only area, members will need their personal ID number and their password.

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