Acadia Yacht Sales acquires Annapolis dealer


The newly formed Acadia Yacht Sales, a partnership between owners William Seale and Christopher DiMillo, said it acquired Oxford Boatyard Yacht Sales & Sabreline of Annapolis, the northern Chesapeake’s exclusive Sabre Yachts & Back Cove Yachts dealer and yacht brokerage firm.

Acadia will make its boat show debut at the April 11-13 Bay Bridge Boat Show, where it will have a Back Cove 41, Sabre 38 Salon Express and Sabre 42 Salon Express on display.

Seale is new to the boating business, but is an experienced sailor and powerboater, having owned a wide variety of each, and he has years of experience on the water in the bay, according to a statement.

He is a partner in the ProFunds Group, where he serves as chief economist of the firm. He is a professor emeritus of finance at George Washington University, where he also was chairman of the Department of Finance and senior associate dean of the business school.

DiMillo established DiMillo’s Yacht Sales in 1998 and quickly became a leader in new boat sales in New England. Today, DiMillo’s Yacht Sales has four locations in Maine and New York state and is the exclusive dealer for Sabre Yachts & Back Cove Yachts in those locations.

DiMillo and his team have been Sabre Yachts and Back Cove Yachts dealership of the year for eight consecutive years.

“I am thrilled to be a part of this new beginning for Sabre & Back Cove in the Chesapeake,” DiMillo said. “The entire Oxford Boatyard Yacht Sales team is staying on board with Acadia Yacht Sales, and I am excited to integrate our expertise and passion for service. We also expect to offer more inventory and availability than ever before.”


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