Active Interest Media Launches AIM Local

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With boat shows being postponed across the country, Active Interest Media’s marine division continues to develop strategies to help its clients maximize their marketing efforts.

The latest venture, AIM Local, is focused on enabling businesses to reach boaters on a targeted, local scale.

“We’re enabling dealers — no matter the size — to pinpoint geographical areas via targeted e-blasts and paid social campaigns to attract new buyers utilizing our massive audience of interested, active boaters,” said AIM group president Gary DeSanctis. “You will reach boaters in your community without paying for a global audience.”

“Our targeted advertising tools can be customized to what works best for your business, from a large, regional scale all the way done to certain zip codes,” DeSanctis added.

“We have always done a very good job of putting out rich content across a broad national and international audience,” said AIM marketing innovation VP Eric Dallin. “With the cancellation of a significant number of local and regional boat shows — where a large portion of lead generation comes from — we went back to the products and services we offer and looked at how we can separate out our reach, and give those companies access to the local audience they would’ve reached at the shows.”

For more information on AIM Local, contact Donna Aschheim at or Julie Zub at

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