ADP Lightspeed adds user help feature


In the latest release of LightspeedNXT (version 3.9.7) and LightspeedEVO (version 5.6) hosted users of ADP Lightspeed will have access to Service Connect, an integrated smart-help menu designed to provide answers to users’ questions without the need to leave their workflow.

Lightspeed said the simple and time-saving feature knows what screen the user is working from and will suggest topics to answer questions. Service Connect picks up where the user left off, providing helpful hints, tips and even offering a live Web chat with Lightspeed customer support.

Live chat offers a direct, online connection to Lightspeed’s support staff, so customers have a choice of picking up the phone or having a Web conversation with a Lightspeed expert.

“Service Connect will help our users tremendously,” director of client services Dan Jacobson said in a statement. “Oftentimes our phone lines get filled with customers who need answers to simple questions that Service Connect will now resolve. With one click of the ‘SC’ button in the upper-right corner of the program, customers can find answers faster than ever before. We’re excited to offer a new level of service to hosted Lightspeed dealers.”

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