Airmar acquires Marport fishing division

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Ultrasonic transducer and sensor manufacturer Airmar Technology Corp. acquired “substantially all of the assets” of Marport Deep Sea Technologies’ Commercial Fishing division, a developer of advanced sonar technology.

Airmar will also acquire the name “Marport” and the Web domain as a part of the transaction. Terms of the acquisition weren’t disclosed.

“The integration of our ultrasonic transducers and sensor technology coupled with Marport’s software defined sonar will make us the partner of choice in the commercial fishing market today and well into the future,” Airmar president and CEO Matt Boucher said in a statement.

Airmar began collaborating with Marport about eight years ago and has a history of working together to develop products that have been commercialized. Airmar and Marport will continue to jointly develop products in the same manner but will focus on bringing new products to market quickly, improving lead times for existing products and improving distribution channels.

“Marport has spent the last 16 years engineering and developing robust products and providing excellent service to its customers worldwide,” said sales executive vice president Óskar Axelsson. “We have been working successfully in partnership with Airmar Technology for a long time. We are looking forward to becoming a part of their comprehensive offerings and to significantly expanding our commercial fishing product range and customer base.”


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