Airmar begins bluefin tuna campaign


Airmar Technology Corp. announced the launch of "Bluefin Tuna - Past and Present," a summer fishing expedition focused on using the latest fishfinding technology to locate Atlantic bluefin tuna in waters around Scotland.

The species has been overfished during the last 20 years, but recent studies and climatic changes are showing an encouraging rebirth of the North Atlantic population, thanks to conservation efforts in the western Atlantic.

“We see this as a perfect opportunity to demonstrate Airmar’s new CHIRP technology,” Airmar Europe, Middle East and Africa general manager Bertrand Picarda said in a statement. “Our goal is to demonstrate the return of the bluefin tuna in our region by utilizing the latest echosounder technology.”

As leader of the expedition, Picarda has pulled together a team of industry experts dedicated to raising the profile of big-game fishing in Europe. Besides being an Airmar employee, Picarda has more than a decade of experience in big-game fishing, with general and proven results in bluefin tuna competitions in the Mediterranean from 1998 through 2003, including national titles in the French Tuna Fishing Championship in 2001 and 2002.

Airnmar has partnered with Garmin to outfit the project boat with marine electronics, including Garmin’s new GSD 26, the company’s new black box sounder with Spread Spectrum CHIRP technology.

“We’re excited to join Airmar in a project that showcases serious fishfinding technology that has completely changed the fishfinder industry,” Garmin European marine OEM sales manager Nigel Craine said in a statement.

The project boat, Keep it Reel, is a 40-foot Rodman 1250 Fisher Pro that motorboat racer and sportfishing enthusiast Barry Larsen owns.

The expedition was to begin today in North Minch, the Atlantic sea channel between the Outer Hebrides island group on the west and the mainland of Scotland on the east. The expedition will take place from June to October. The team’s goal is to fish 10 days a month in different locations.

Full project details, including a team biography and boat information, including a full list of equipment, itinerary and photos, are available at The blog will be the primary source of information about the expedition.

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