Alaska dealer bill awaits governor’s signature

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The Alaska Marine Products and Motorized Recreational Product Act (HB 177) passed both houses of the Alaska legislature and heads to Gov. Sarah Palin's desk for her signature.

The House passed it unanimously Sunday, following the Senate's unanimous passage last Friday.

Plans are currently being suggested to Gov. Palin to have the bill signing ceremony at a marine dealership, the MRAA reports.

"MRAA wants to congratulate the Alaska Marine Dealers Association for achieving a near-impossible task that could be the game changer for the entire industry," according to the association's statement. "The massive victory was achieved with the support of a coalition of marine dealers, snowmobile dealers, and consumers and goes a long way to vastly improve the boat buying experience in Alaska."

The National Marine Manufacturers Association is against the bill, saying it would disproportionally transfer business risks from marine dealers to marine manufacturers.


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