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AMI hands out scholarships

This year's recipients of the AMI Neil Ross Scholarship award are Boating British Columbia and the Marine Association of Texas.
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This year's recipients of the Association of Marina Industries' Neil Ross Scholarship award are Boating British Columbia and the Marine Association of Texas, the AMI said Thursday.

The annual award recognizes the educational and advocacy contributions of two state trade associations. The groups each receive $1,500 to be used to further the marine education of a member.

The AMI said Boating BC is a leader in marine training, offering job search assistance, promoting apprenticeship programs for marine technicians and touting the benefits and value of working in the industry.

"It's an honor to receive the Neil Ross Scholarship and to be recognized for our contribution to the industry," Boating BC president Don Prittie said in a statement. "We are extremely pleased with our relationship with AMI and the progress we've made to create training opportunities for the marina sector in British Columbia. We look forward to awarding this scholarship to one of our members."

The AMI said the Texas trade group spent much time and effort this year lobbying state leaders on the importance of keeping water levels stable to support the industry. With record-low water and tough competition for where the limited water is diverted, the group faces a difficult challenge, but has been making progress.

"MAT is very pleased and honored to receive the Neil Ross Scholarship award. MAT has worked diligently to support the Central Texas Water Coalition, and I am proud to say through their efforts the state has passed a law requiring increased investigation and oversight before agreeing to the use of the state's water resources," Marine Association of Texas president Jay Teitelbaum said.


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