AMI releases electrical safety manual for marinas


The Association of Marina Industries has released a new manual for marinas: Best Management Practices for Marina Electrical Safety.

The manual is designed to give marina staff an overview of common marina electrical components, potential hazards and how to identify and correct them, and tools that every facility should have onsite. It also offers suggestions about how to work with customers to ensure their boats are safe.

The manual was drafted with advice and information from John Adey at the American Boat and Yacht Council; Chris Dolan of Eaton Marina Power and Lighting; and Mark Stafford at Marinas International and Capt. John McDevitt. It includes photographs for the easy identification of problems and common testing equipment and a checklist to encourage the regular assessment of electrical systems.

The concept for the manual came after last summer's electric shock drownings prompted proposed legislation in Kentucky and West Virginia that could have severely affected the way marinas installed and monitored their electric systems. One bill would have required all marinas to replace their current systems to meet the latest codes.

“Our feeling was that marinas could keep their facilities safe by regularly monitoring the existing electric and knowing what to look for in potential dangers,” manual coordinator Wendy Larimer said in a statement. “New regulation is not the answer to prevent the tragedy of electric shock."

The manual is available at no cost to AMI and ABYC members and for $20 to non-members. Click here to order.

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