Annapolis Classic Watercraft has new location


Annapolis Classic Watercraft, a boat shop for antique and classic boats, moved its operation to Sarles Boat Yard on Spa Creek in the Eastport section of Annapolis.

"ACW was 'launched' here in Eastport about six years ago,” said Bill Donahue, ACW's founder and owner, in a statement. "We moved across the Severn because we needed more space, and our business grew considerably, but we've always felt that we needed to be on the water in Annapolis."

An agreement was reached this spring between Donahue and Deborah Smith, owner of the Sarles Boat Yard, to bring ACW back.

"The teaming of ACW and Sarles is really one of those 'marriages made in heaven,’ ” said Donahue. “The Chesapeake has a long maritime history, and there are thousands of vintage and classic boats still out on the Bay.”


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