Banksy’s ‘Dismaland’ includes ropes from Trinity Marine


Trinity Marine is touting the fact that Banksy, a renowned British graffiti artist and political activist, shops at the nautical antique boutique.

The artist’s most recent installment, a parody of a seaside theme park called Dismaland and located on the sea front of Weston-super-Mare in southwestern England, includes some ropes from Trinity Marine.

But, knowing that the artist has remained anonymous during the past 20 years of success — even going so far as to ask visitors to wear masks so he could attend the exhibit without being identified — we wondered how the folks at Trinity Marine determined that it was Banksy who had purchased ropes from their shop.

“A regular customer had come down and picked up the rope for a ‘special client,’ ” says a blog on Trinity Marine’s website. “Nothing was thought of it at the time, as plenty of the weird and wonderful, famous and infamous folk come to Trinity Marine for that special something. Of course, he got straight on the phone and started to try and buy it back, a task in which it seems he will be successful in when the show is over.”

“(Commemorative Banksy rope sections, maybe? Don’t put anything past us.)”