BilgeKleen filter system


Now more than ever, boaters are conscious of protecting the environment. The BilgeKleen filter system from Centek Industries removes oil, gas, diesel fuel and other hydrocarbon pollutants from bilge water before it's discharged overboard, according to the company.


The patented system uses a filtering medium called MyCelx that binds to hydrocarbons, but allows water to pass. As a result, more than 99.9 percent of the hydrocarbon pollutants are captured with no increase to bilge pump pressure, according to the company. The product works with automatic bilge pumps, too, so boaters need not worry about engine room leaks and accidental discharge of pollutants, says Ken Harsteo, Centek vice president of operations. The system includes six hose fittings - two each in 3/4-, 7/8- and 1-1/8-inch sizes. It also comes with an absorbent pad for the bilge sump area to capture contaminants. Retail price is $130. Contact: Centek, (229) 228-7653.