Boat Trader offers e-mail preview of boat shows

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Boat Trader has developed an "Inbox Boat Show" that displays a selection of dealer inventory and gives consumers an opportunity to look at boats before a show opens.

Prior to regional marine trade shows, Boat Trader sends a regionally targeted e-mail to its opt-in customer distribution list featuring dealers in the Boat Trader Dealer Network who will be exhibiting at the show.

This allows boat-buyers to start shopping before attending the event.

The program, which is free for Boat Trader dealer advertisers, debuted last fall at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. The featured dealers, including Lauderdale Marine, Galati Yacht Sales, Jet Ski of Miami and Davey Marine Center, generated an average of 118 clicks to their boats, a result of the 4,000 recipients that viewed the Inbox Boat Show, according to Boat Trader.

"We know our opt-in audience is actively engaged and highly targeted; our e-mail campaigns average a 25 to 30 percent open rate and 17 percent [click-through]," said Courtney Chalmers, brand manager of Boat Trader, in a statement. "To satisfy the shopping habits of our online users while driving leads to our dealers, we developed the Inbox Boat Show concept for Fort Lauderdale. Based on its success, we will continue with this unique value-added program for our dealers."

Boat Trader and Soundings Trade Only are divisions of Dominion Enterprises.


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