Boat vs. train doesn’t end well

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Of all the ways to wreck your boat, getting sideswiped by a locomotive is far down the statistical list.

Just don’t tell that to the Ohio man who became stuck at a railroad crossing while trailering his boat to his waterfront property along the Ohio River near Foster, Ky.

“He said he had not had that kind of problem there in the past, but said he had not been to the property since the railroad changed the pavement at the crossing,” Bracken County deputy sheriff Ian Kelsch told The Ledger Independent in Maysville, Ky.

Unable to quickly free his boat from the tracks, Tener was attempting to call the emergency number to stop the train, posted at the crossing, when he saw the eastbound CSX train approaching.

“He said it wasn't probably a minute or more from when he got stuck to when he saw the train coming; at that point he just ran,” Kelsch said.

The train struck the boat and trailer, “destroying them,” and ripped the hitch off the Suburban, Kelsch said.

“He was lucky nobody was hurt and there was not more damage to the vehicle,” Kelsch said.

The train was finally able to stop, and there was a small amount of damage to the engine, Kelsch said.

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