VIDEO: Boatbound hoax riles San Francisco Giants

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A joke press release by a peer-to-peer boat rental company earned the company attention, but few laughs.

A news release Boatbound issued Friday that was picked up by several news outlets, including Trade Only Today, said the company had secured the naming rights to McCovey Cove in San Francisco and was renaming it.(The hashtag in the new name should have tipped us off and we’re sorry.)

The statement, which coincided with Game 3 of the World Series, “infuriated” the San Francisco Giants, according to the San Jose Mercury News, and confused Giants Hall of Famer Willie McCovey. “Have you heard this?" McCovey asked, according to the paper.

“It’s not true! It's ridiculous!" Giants senior vice president Mario Alioto assured him.

Staci Slaughter, the team's senior vice president for communications, agreed to speak on the condition that the offending company not be named. She called it a "disgusting" publicity stunt and didn't want the company to get its desired 15 minutes of fame.

Boatbound founder Aaron Hall didn’t want to comment on the story, but told the San Francisco Chronicle that it was meant to be “a lighthearted joke.”

The company issued an online statement later saying that it had all been a joke and never meant to hurt anyone’s feelings, but that was subsequently removed.