Brokerage sales are flat in July


The number of brokerage boats sold in the United States fell slightly in July, compared with the previous year, while total sales valuations rose slightly, according to reports from member brokerages.

Unit sales totaling 3,053 boats in July were down 4 percent from the 3,180 sold in July 2009, and also down 318 boats from the 3,371 sold in June. (The latter is not unusual, as June is typically the best-selling month of the year for brokerage boats.) Total valuation of sales rose 2 percent, compared with July 2009, up from $277 million to $282 million, and was virtually flat, compared with the $285 million valuation in June 2010.

Sales among boats more than 45 feet long were generally stronger in July and small-boat sales were weaker. The market was strongest among boats 46 to 55 feet, up 12 percent in units with 155 boats sold, and boats over 55 feet, which was up 24 percent in value, at $78 million for 78 boats sold. Among boats under 26 feet, 26 to 35 feet and 36 to 45 feet, sales fell 3 to 7 percent in units and 8 to 12 percent in valuation, compared with July 2009.

For the year to date, sales remain significantly higher, compared with 2009. Total valuation is up 25 percent, from $1.5 billion to $1.9 billion, and unit sales are up 16 percent, from 16,267 boats to 18,841. Boats also have begun selling faster: the average time to sell a brokerage boat dropped under 300 days for the first month since March.

A more detailed report on July 2010 brokerage sales, including a special report on sales in Florida, will appear in the September issue of Soundings Trade Only.