Brokerage sales drop in June

In June, typically the highwater mark for the yacht brokerage market, 3,523 boats were sold in the United States.

In June, typically the highwater mark for the yacht brokerage market, 3,523 boats were sold in the United States and, as in May, sales were lower than in the same month the previous year.

According to YachtWorld member brokerages reporting in SoldBoats, their proprietary database, sales were down 3 percent from June 2015. The total price of the boats sold was $398.2 million, a figure that was also 3 percent lower.

Declining powerboat sales were responsible for the overall market downturn, as 2,952 boats were sold, a figure that was off 4 percent from a year earlier. By contrast, 571 sailboats were sold, a 1 percent uptick from June 2015. And although the total price of powerboats sold dropped nearly $20 million to $349.8 million, the total price of sailboats sold during the month rose $7 million to $48.5 million.

As in May, the high-volume segment of the market experienced lower sales. Sales of boats under 26 feet were down 4 percent at 1,113 and sales of boats from 26 to 35 feet were off 6 percent at 1,380.

Volume in the next two size segments increased, but not by enough to offset these declines. Sales in the 36- to 45-foot range increased by 4 percent with 739 boats changing hands and, in the 46- to 55-foot range, volume increased by 14 percent as 190 boats were sold.

The average sold prices of all boats under 45 feet increased in June, compared with the previous year. In the 36- to 45-foot segment, the average rose almost $5,000 to $140,100. Among boats from 26 to 35 feet, the increase was $3,900 and for boats shorter than 26 feet it was $2,600. Those gains were directionally consistent with trends in each size range for the first six months of this year.

The average sold price in the 46- to 55-foot range dropped 31 percent for the month from $402,000 to $280,000. This result appears to be out of the ordinary, however, because the average sold price in the category from January through June was $309,000, down 1 percent from the previous year.

For the year through June, overall brokerage sales volume was 2 percent lower than last year; 15,332 boats were sold for a valuation of $1.97 billion, 3 percent less than in 2015.

John Burnham is the managing editor of Dominion Marine Media.

A more detailed report summarizing recent U.S. brokerage sales will appear in the August issue of Soundings Trade Only.