Brokerage sales flat in November

U.S. brokerage sales were 1 percent (11 boats) below the same month in 2015.

With 1,858 boats sold in November, U.S. brokerage sales were 1 percent (11 boats) below the same month in 2015, but 34 boats above the average for the last five years.

Sales volume was farther below 2015 benchmarks in September and October, but the November results appeared to be in the same range as recent norms, according to reports by YachtWorld members in their proprietary database, SoldBoats.

Brokers selling powerboats recorded six fewer sales as 1,477 boats were sold in November for $218.5 million, a drop of more than $19 million in the aggregate price paid from the same month last year.

Sailboat sellers sold 381 boats, down five from the previous November, but collected $38.3 million — $5 million more than last year.

The total market value declined from $271.1 million to $256.8 million, a 5 percent decrease that was principally attributable to lower prices paid for boats 80 feet and longer — down from $63.4 million in 2015 to $43.1 million this year.

Values were off $1.7 million ($48.1 million, down from $49.8 million) among sales of boats 56 to 79 feet, but in all other categories the total value was higher than in November last year.

Although superyacht sales affected the total market value the most, boats under 26 feet caused the slight drop in sales volume. In that segment 449 were sold, 29 fewer than in the previous November. The only other segment that declined was boats from 46 to 55 feet, which was off by seven boats, as 119 were sold.

Sales volume increased 2 percent in the high-volume size ranges of 26 to 35 feet and 36 to 45 feet, with 712 and 493 boats sold, respectively. The average value of boats sold in this size range increased by 3 to 4 percent.

Sales through November totaled 27,884 boats, 2 percent below the 2015 volume. A likely year-end sales figure will be in the range of 29,300 to 29,500 boats.

John Burnham is the managing editor of Dominion Marine Media.

A more detailed report summarizing recent U.S. brokerage sales will appear in the January issue of Soundings Trade Only.


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