California proposal seeks permits for coastal marinas

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The California State Water Resources Control Board is moving forward with a proposed requirement that marinas along the coast with 10 or more slips and moorings obtain a state permit.

The board decided to pursue the permit after federal initiatives were overturned last year, according to Recreational Boaters of California. The stated objective is to control pollutants by implementing appropriate management practices in impaired waters.

RBOC has several concerns about the proposal, saying it's not based on scientific finding or testing of specific bodies of water and it assumes the presence of contaminants in water. Testing for contaminants could cost up to $200,000 a year, the group says.

The board plans to conduct stakeholder workshops on the proposal from February through April and to vote on the permit in November 2010.

RBOC is urging marinas to become familiar with the proposal and its impact, keep informed of developments and attend hearings and be ready to act when called upon.

Click here for the RBOC's overview of the proposal.


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