California residents oppose mooring of megayachts

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Residents of a California harbor town are upset by a temporary agreement to allow two yachts to moor for 16 days.

Two Newport Beach residents hope to stop the arrival of two large yachts slated to moor temporarily in the open harbor area in front of their homes next month, according to the Daily Pilot.

When the boat owners independently asked to anchor in the newly dredged waterfront, Newport Beach Harbor Commission members approved their requests as an opportunity to try out a different use for the area at the west end of Lido Island.

The Los Angeles Times reported that one of the yachts, a 216-foot vessel, belongs to billionaire developer Rick Caruso. Caruso’s yacht, the Invictus, is expected to be anchored off Lido Isle for 16 days during a two-month stretch, in part for a gala christening party.

The owner of a second boat, the nearly 130-foot Marama, wants to anchor in the harbor for five days to host a private wedding. The boat’s owner was not identified.

Although the Newport Beach Harbor Commission has approved the arrival of the big boats as part of a trial to see where the harbor could host visiting megayachts, at least two residents hope to prevent the boats from anchoring in front of their homes.

Vessels can only be moored or anchored in designated areas, according to the Harbor Code, which is why the visiting boats required special permission. By comparison, commercial charter boats no larger than 130 feet are allowed to ply the harbor waters, often to host weddings, although music and even where the boats can float is regulated.

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