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Canadians charged in boat-buying scam

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Two Montreal men are charged in an attempt to buy boats in a "black money" scam in Calgary, Alberta.

Gordon van Gunst of Glenmore Sailboats became suspicious last month when two customers who said they were political refugees from Sierra Leone wanted to pay cash for four $20,000 sailboats, the Calgary Herald reported.

The cash, they explained, could only be brought into Canada if it was disguised as plain white or black paper.

“They presented a plain piece of paper and washed it with a chemical to demonstrate it transforming into a $50 note,” Calgary Sgt. Ralph Stotschek told the newspaper. The two said they would return with all of the money, disguised as plain notes.

Robert Seyboe Garwai, 34, and Ignatius Dweh Topey, 41, are charged with fraud over $5,000.

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