Centek Industries launches composite-piles company


Centek Industries, manufacturer of fiberglass tubing and related components for marine exhaust systems, launched a sister company called Fortress Pilings, to manufacture eco-friendly composite piles for a range of marine applications, including docks, piers, boatlifts and seawalls, as well as bridge support and general construction.

“Since 1962, Centek has designed, engineered and manufactured over 15,000 custom fiberglass exhaust systems and has sold countless standard parts all over the world,” Fortress vice president of sales and marketing Bill Arwood, who will continue to hold a similar position with Centek, said in a statement. “Over the past 50 years we’ve developed a highly efficient, cost-effective process for manufacturing composites. With Fortress, we’re leveraging our experience and expertise to offer the highest-quality piles at a fraction of the cost of other composite options.”

Engineering vice president Jeff Fortner led the development efforts and collaborated with the world’s foremost experts in composite material fabrication and structural design to develop the optimal synthetic pile. Unlike many other composite piles, Fortress Pilings are wound on a mandrel using continuous strand glass and the highest-quality resin available. The result is a pile that has excellent compressive and lateral strength, but is lighter and easier to handle and install than traditional piles.

A wide range of diameters and thicknesses are available to suit most all requirements. Unlike wood, steel or concrete, Fortress Pilings will never rot, rust or crumble and they won’t leach harmful chemicals into the environment, Centek said.

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