Centurion Boats adds financing program in Australia

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Centurion Boats announced that its GE Capital finance program is now available for Australian dealers.

The Australian program offers 360 days of financing for dealers that want to increase their inventory. Studies have shown that increased inventory helps sell more boats, so with the new program Australian dealers will be able to display a wider variety of models in their showrooms.

“We know that displaying more inventory will sell more boats, so we’re extremely pleased to have our GE floorplan program now available for our Australian dealers,” worldwide sales vice president Bryan Holland said in a statement. “In the past few months Australian demand for Centurion boats has increased significantly, and this new tool will help Australia’s best dealers bring more Centurion boats to their showrooms just in time for their summer boating season.”

Having a financing program allows dealers greater flexibility, with their working capital generating additional liquidity to support the dealership in the current economic environment. With GE’s COMS system, dealers can manage and pay for inventory online. The system also generates a variety of high-quality reports that help dealers manage their inventory better.