Centurion Boats signs deal with GoPro brand

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Centurion Boats and GoPole, a GoPro accessory brand, announced a strategic partnership that will provide an opportunity to generate increased awareness for both brands.

The companies provide products to consumers who actively participate in wake surfing and wakeboarding among other watersports.

Centurion Boats and GoPole will start the partnership by branding a Centurion Enzo SV233 with the bold black/blue/green color-scheme of GoPole via the same Centurion boat wrap program that is also available to the public.

GoPole will continue to work closely with Centurion on the development of creative videos and imagery showcasing the wave produced by Centurion’s boats while popular wakeboard and wake surf athletes utilize GoPole’s innovative new products with GoPro cameras to capture exciting footage in amazingly versatile ways.

GoPole’s newest accessory, the Bobber, will be one of the many accessories involved in the video and photo content creation. The Bobber is a floating handgrip designed to effectively capture the action of a wide array of watersports. GoPole, known most for its top-selling accessory, the Reach extension pole, is releasing new watersports-focused products such as the Bobber and the Evo, a floating extension pole, in conjunction with the news of the Centurion partnership.

“The partnership between GoPole and Centurion is a perfect fit for us and something we are very excited about,” GoPole vice president of marketing Ryan Vosburg said in a statement. “As an avid wake surfer, I love the unique and fresh approach Centurion gives to its customers and am excited to be filming off the back of an Enzo for testing and marketing our newer watersports-focused products such as the Bobber floating hand grip and Evo floating extension pole.”

GoPole products are widely used within the watersports market and are designed specifically with materials such as stainless steel hardware while incorporating buoyant watertight construction.