Certified-dealer program offers new discount

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The Marine Industry Certified Dealership Program is making it more affordable for certified dealers to register multiple locations for the program’s Fast Track.

Certified dealerships will now pay $2,499 for the first location that signs up for the MICD Fast Track and $1,000 for additional locations, up to four locations at a time; dealers looking to recertify will pay $1,699 for the first location and only $500 for additional locations, also up to four locations at a time.

“Providing Certified Dealers with these discounts makes it that much easier for them to get all their locations certified in a timely manner and keep them certified into the future,” program director Sonja Moseley said in a statement.

“The savings we now offer on both the MICD Fast Track and recertification amount to less than half of what the normal program costs would run a dealership to sign up. That creates substantial savings for dealers, both now and in the long run. It’s the program’s way of demonstrating that it strives to make it simple — and affordable— for dealers to get on (and stay on) the certification path.”

Previously, certified dealers that wanted to register multiple locations for the MICD program had to navigate a formula that amounted to receiving $100 off each additional location up to four locations maximum, effectively capping the savings at $400 per location.


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