Changing Places


Dometic Marine recently announced key personnel changes.

Robert Sagulin was named vice president of marine new product strategies; Kester Petersson takes on the role of aftermarket director of sales and marketing for Europe, Middle East and Africa; and Ned Trigg, senior vice president of global system sales, relocates to the U.K.

"I am delighted to announce this new organization change as it better positions the marine division to take advantage of growth opportunities in the European, Middle East, African and Asia Pacific regions," company president Frank Marciano said in a statement. "Furthermore, it optimizes the skills of these key people so they can further grow and help Dometic Marine achieve its long-term business objectives."

The company also recently announced a new branding message by integrating the Dometic name into every individual product brand logo. Within the marine division, buyers will now see logos that include a "by Dometic Group" signoff.


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