Clarion Marine Unveils Affordable Speakers

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Clarion Marine — which unveiled a new line of premium, high-performance speakers and subwoofers last month — has introduced another line of marine coaxial speakers that the company says are designed to capture the value end of the market.

The company is seeking to offer high quality sound at an affordable price — the pairs start at $99.

The CMS line will include three variations of a 6.5-inch full-range speaker: classic grille and sport grille and with or without built-in RGB lighting.

“Clarion has a legacy of delivering quality products that offer uncompromising performance and value,” said Clarion Marine product line manager John Zimmerman in a statement. “Our new CMS speakers are no different and will lay the groundwork for Clarion Marine’s business for years to come.”

The CMS series is part of a new design signature for Clarion Marine speakers, with grille design options to complement various boat styles. Both classic and sport models will include black and white grille options as part of the package.

For boaters seeking to make a visual statement, the sport grille models can be ordered with integrated LED RGB illumination that gives several lighting color options. The MSRP on RGB models will be $149.99.

Utilizing UV-treated, durable, marine-rated materials, the new CMS line of speakers and subwoofers are built to withstand years of use in harsh marine environments, the company said.

Specifically engineered, marine-grade polymers and finishes are employed for the chassis and grilles in the CMS lineup. All models are built to exceed industry standards for salt-fog/UV exposure (ASTM B117/D4329) and are shock and vibration resistant.