Companies set to launch remote monitor at Palm Beach show


Yacht security, tracking, monitoring and video surveillance systems supplier GOST and in-motion satellite and communication system provider KVC Industries teamed up to launch the GOST Watch HD mini-VSAT Global Remote Yacht Monitoring Packages.

GOST, or Global Ocean Security Technologies, and KVC Industries will release the new product at the 2013 Palm Beach International Boat Show in Street Booth 829. The show opens Thursday and continues through Sunday.

The new GOST Watch HD mini-VSAT Packages include everything needed to remotely monitor all activities on board a vessel from anywhere in the world via computer or smartphone over the Internet.

GOST Watch HD mini-VSAT packages provide high-definition surveillance using a high-speed Internet connection through the KVH line of mini-VSAT broadband systems, along with a GSM/CDMA cellular data communicator for use when in cellular coverage areas. The KVH mini-VSAT has a preconfigured intelligent “best use” network management switch that will automatically prioritize cellular data via the GOST G3G-GSM-CDMA communicator when inside cellular range and will automatically switch the data feed to the KVH VSAT pipe when the boat is outside cellular coverage.

“Our new packages seamlessly bring together the advantages of global Internet via the KVH mini-VSAT platform while prioritizing cellular data networks when the vessel is inside cellular coverage areas,” GOST president and CEO Jay Keenan said in a statement.

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