Companies unveil NMEA 2000 compatibility

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Maretron and Airmar are cooperating to implement an underutilized advanced feature of an NMEA 2000 network standard.

The multi-manufacturer configuration feature was planned by the National Marine Electronics Association to provide for mixed manufacturers' products to be configured by one another's devices over a network.

Beginning immediately, an NMEA 2000 network having a mix of Airmar transducers and Maretron displays or gateways will have the ability to allow the configuration of certain models of Airmar transducers. If the network has Maretron's DSM250 color display or Maretron's USB100 gateway, any of various models of Airmar products can be calibrated or configured over the vessel's NMEA 2000 network.

With a Maretron DSM250 display product that has firmware version 1.4.9 or greater, users can configure or calibrate speed through water readings, reset the trip log, change the offset value applied to temperature readings and change the depth transducer offset on Maretron or supported Airmar transducers whose firmware supports those calibrations.

"This was always one of the significant intents of the NMEA 2000 universal open industry standard to achieve," said Larry Anderson, vice president of sales and marketing for Maretron and past chairman of the NMEA standards committee. "This feature allows an end user to have the best-of-class product from various manufacturers and at the same time configure devices from another manufacturer's screen."

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