Company unveils marine business review site

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BoaterRated LLC recently launched a new website where boaters can gather to share and rate their experiences with local boating businesses.

“There are lots of companies and individuals offering quality services to boaters, and we’ve personally found it challenging to find quality providers,” said Carl Schellbach, partner of BoaterRated, in a statement. “You can walk down any dock, ask boaters you see ‘Who does a good job?’ and you’re likely to get several completely different answers. So how do you choose?

“The investment made in people’s boats, both in time and money, deserves better research tools. Until now there hasn’t been an easy-to-use, objective no-cost source where boaters could turn to find consensus.’s ‘Virtual Dockside,’ with its one- to five-star ratings and reviews, is just that place,” he added.

The site also offers marine businesses the opportunity to expand the reach of their customer referrals. offers an easily searchable, objective option for boating businesses to get their services in front of customers ready to commit.

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