Connecticut trade group president set to retire


Connecticut Marine Trades Association president Grant W. Westerson said he will retire Sunday from the position he has held since 1987.

“I will retire as president of CMTA and assume the title of president emeritus, comfortable that the association is heading in the right direction with plenty of energy, momentum and vision for the future,” Westerson said in an announcement that he sent to all 300-plus members on Wednesday.

“I plan on staying in the industry I've worked in over 50 years and yet still explore other options — marine surveying being one of them. Thanks for all your support, cooperation and friendship over the years. It really made a difference.”

Westerson joined the trade group in 1983 and was elected chairman in 1987. He oversaw the purchase of the CMTA’s office at 20 Plains Road in Essex. The association also assumed responsibility for producing annual boat and fishing shows in Hartford.

“It's been an interesting journey, with always something happening just around the corner,” he said.


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