Cortland revamps its website

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Cortland Co. recently unveiled its newly designed website, which fuses all of the company's products into one easy location.

The website offers a range of information related to Cortland’s products, technologies and services, including product literature and company news.

“As technology advances it is imperative companies keep their websites up to date,” Cortland global marketing communications leader Melissa Suring said in a statement. “Cortland’s website was in dire need of a new design. We wanted to put the site together in a way which linked Cortland’s wide range of expertise. The new site is not only visually appealing, but also incorporates graphics, videos and information which will have a greater impact on Cortland’s customers.”

One of the website’s key features, an interactive illustration of Cortland’s many niche markets, allows the user to click on any part of the graphic to see the products and services the company offers for that industry.

The site also includes a section solely for informational materials. Users can search for downloads by market, format or both. The information in this section will include videos, operation manuals, technical data sheets and/or drawings.

Cortland is part of Actuant Corp.