Couple Sues for Injuries Suffered in Crash

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An Indiana couple filed suit against the CEO of an Indianapolis-based insurance holding company after they were severely injured in a New Year’s Eve boat crash in Florida.

Jarrett and Lauren Silagyi, owners of Portside Marine and Lakeview Marina in Indiana, filed the lawsuit against 48-year-old Daniel Towriss earlier this in week Florida’s Broward County Circuit Court. The couple, who were two of the four people aboard the boat, are seeking compensation for medical costs, lost wages and other damages, which an attorney told the Indianapolis Business Journal could top $100 million.

The lawsuit alleges that Towriss was intoxicated and driving a 42-foot HCB center console recklessly when he ran into a jetty at Port Everglades at high speed, according to IBJ.

The boat was so new that it hadn’t yet been registered, according to a report in the South Florida Sun Sentinel.

“This kind of conduct — boating under the influence, at night, near a busy port, in a high-powered million-dollar recreational boat — is careless and reckless,” Jack Hickey, the Miami-based attorney representing the Silagyis, said in a statement.

Towriss has not been charged; his attorney told IBJ that the crash was not alcohol-related and that the charges are defensible.