Court battle looms on Florida marina demolition

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Two local Florida governments are at an impasse over whether to tear down a marina building in Palm Beach County.

The city of Boynton Beach wants to demolish an old marina building, but the county says it can't, pointing to restrictions on $2 million it gave the city seven years ago to spruce up its public waterfront, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

Voters in 2004 directed the county to borrow $50 million to expand and protect the public's access to waterways. From that, $2 million was designated for Boynton Beach but with conditions, including that the city's waterfront be "restricted to public marina related uses."

Another section bans "any further improvements or alterations" that "materially alter the current marina."

The city says it doesn't need the county's blessing to tear down the 3,000-square-foot former dive shop.

"I just don't know, at this point, how we get from point A to point B," county commissioner Steven Abrams told the newspaper.

Abrams, a 53-year-old former Boca Raton mayor, was appointed to lead talks starting Thursday. To help things along, taxpayers are putting up $400,000, possibly to renovate the building or construct a new one.

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