Crestliner program targets student anglers

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  Crestliner’s Angling Aces program is targeted at high school and college students.  

  Crestliner’s Angling Aces program is targeted at high school and college students.  

Brunswick Corp.-owned Crestliner boats is launching a new program designed to nurture high school and college-aged anglers’ passion for fishing and guide them toward higher education and careers related to the sport.

The program, Angling Aces, also seeks to help student anglers perfect fishing techniques, become advocates for the outdoors and resource conservation, and practice on-water safety.

"The Angling Aces student program has three main goals: to inspire, influence and inform," said Crestliner marketing director Lori Kneeland in a statement. "Success on the water starts at a young age, and we embrace our role as influencers, whether these student anglers go on to become professional anglers, work in fields related to the outdoors and fishing industry, or simply continue to pursue fishing as a hobby."

A variety of scholarships will be awarded to students through the Angling Aces program, including team, individual academic and individual angling scholarships.

Teams and clubs have the opportunity to be considered for discounted Crestliner jerseys.

Qualifying anglers will have the opportunity to receive an exclusive discount on a new Crestliner boat purchase.

Events will highlight careers, safety, angling techniques, the outdoors, conservation and more.

"At Crestliner, fishing isn't just our job, it's our passion,” said Kneeland. "It brings us great joy to be able to support student anglers in this way. We look forward to the positive impact this program will have on the future of fishing."