Cross-country biking and boating trip set for May


There are boaters. And there are bikers. Now a new event will bring the two tribes together for a multiday cross-country road trip over asphalt and water.

The first-of-its kind cross-country boating and motorcycle extravaganza is being planned for early May for members of the boating community and their friends. The “Boaterz n’ Bikerz Across America: A Hull of a Tour!” is in its final planning stages and will incorporate a multiday motorcycle trip from Florida to California, with fun boating and sightseeing stops along the way.

“My top desire on my bucket list is to ride across the country on my Harley,” tour organizer and Kenton Smith Marketing president Wanda Kenton Smith said in a statement. “Some of my favorite people on earth to ride with are colleagues in the boating industry so, I thought, why not create a totally unique ride that encompasses the lifestyle sports of boating and motorcycling?”

Kenton Smith is working with a small task force of seasoned industry riders, including Duffy Stenger, vice president of sales and marketing at Regal Marine; Jim Krueger, Regal regional sales manager; and Gary Beck, Chaparral regional sales manager, to plan the tour. Departure will be on Saturday, May 4, from launch partner Legendary Marine's Destin, Fla., headquarters, and the trip will run for 13 days.

The planning crew selected the dates because marine industry conflicts will be minimal and the ride route will have the best potential weather conditions. There will be four legs to the tour, which will run from Destin through Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and possibly Nevada, concluding in San Diego. Tour organizers are researching return motorcycle hauler options for potential group discounts.

Riders can choose to travel the entire cross-country tour or join and ride a leg or two of their choosing. At select locations the group will participate in specially planned boating activities. Legendary Marine will host the captain's meeting on May 3 at the Legendary Yacht Club in Destin, then provide an evening boating cruise to a popular waterfront restaurant. Additional boating destinations and activities are being researched along the route.

For information, email Kenton Smith or join the recently launched Facebook group page.

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