DAME Design Award winner Scanstrut earns additional honors

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Scanstrut, the 2017 overall DAME Award winner, received the David Coleman Excellence in Exporting Award at the 2018 British Marine Trades Association Awards dinner.

The judging panel, composed of members of the British Marine International Committee, was impressed with the way Scanstrut has worked to establish its British brand in a competitive overseas market.

Scanstrut exports to more than 45 countries, and 75 percent of its sales come from outside the U.K., including Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific nations and the U.S. Multiple specialist distributors have been appointed in each country.

Tom Reed, managing director of Scanstrut, accepted the award at the Jan. 10 dinner.

“Last year was an exceptional year for us, and this is an even more incredible start to 2018,” Reed said in a statement. “I am proud to accept this award on behalf of the team in Devon. When people visit us they see that we have three words on our wall, talent, energy and endeavor. Talent and energy are easy to understand. It’s the endeavor that is key and uniting link of our team’s success.”

Scanstrut received the 2017 DAME Design Award for its RS Venture Connect Conversion Kit.

The company also won the Chuck Husick Marine Technology Award for its outer deck waterproof charger, the ROKK Charge+ Waterproof USB Socket.