Deep Impact Boats has a new owner

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Mark Fischer, owner of Boats Direct USA and used-car dealer Off Lease Only, purchased the assets and trademark of Deep Impact Boats.

Fischer acquired Deep Impact last week and is relocating its manufacturing headquarters to Miami, where he builds Blackwater and Ocean Hawk boats under the supervision of renowned boatbuilder Eugenio Uriarte.

“Deep Impact was always one of my favorite brands,” Fischer said in a statement. “The opportunity to combine the customized beauty of Deep Impact with the fit and finish of Blackwater was like a dream come true.”

Fischer said Blackwater fishing boats are known for their fit and finish, quality construction and meticulous attention to detail. Ocean Hawk boats are associated with speed and pleasure cruising.

The Blackwater factory in Miami is being expanded to accommodate the production of Deep Impact boats, Fischer said.

“The team at Boats Direct USA worked extremely close with the Deep Impact factory for many years, so this is really just the next logical step to giving our customers the ultimate boatbuilding experience,” he said. “The thing I have always loved is that Deep Impact is not a cookie-cutter-type boat company.”

Fischer said Boats Direct USA will continue to build Deep Impact’s 330 TE, 360 Cabin, 360 Open, 360 TE, 399 Cabin and 399 TE and the 399 Poker Run Edition.

“At the end of the day, it is our job to ensure that we offer our customers an increased level of quality and transparency, and bringing the manufacturing in-house will accomplish this,” Fischer said. “Our goal is to produce the most complete and incredible luxury line of center consoles on the market today.”