Discover Boating debuts new Facebook feature

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Discover Boating's "Welcome to the Water" boating trip planner launched on Facebook.

“Extending an invitation to friends and family to enjoy a day on your boat is one of the benefits of being a boat owner — you get to bring them along to experience the fun of boating,” Discover Boating chief marketing officer Carl Blackwell said in a statement. “We wanted to capture the enjoyment of extending that invitation, and we designed an innovative way boaters can share their passion for boating with an online experience that extends to a day on the water — offline.”

Blackwell also notes that more than 15.2 million Facebook users listed boating or boating-related activities as an interest in their profiles.

Launching just in time for peak boating season, the “Welcome to the Water” boating trip planner is available in the United States to those who “like” Discover Boating at The application allows “captains” to invite their “crew,” using their list of Facebook friends to create an invitation.

Beyond the standard date and time options, customizable application features include:

• Type of boating trip: What are the plans? Will the “crew” be fishing, cruising or dropping anchor to swim?

• On-board supplies: What can each guest bring for the trip? Snacks, fishing bait, towels — or chip in for gas?

• Where to meet: “Captains” can utilize Take Me Fishing’s Places to Boat & Fish tool to give their guests directions to more than 35,000 places to get on the water.

Once the “crew” accepts, invitations will be posted on guests’ Facebook pages and newsfeeds, allowing captains and crew to share their on-the-water summer plans. As an added incentive, captains will be ranked by the number of people they invite and will be eligible to win weekly nautical prizes. The application also will generate a collective total of boating participants invited to get out on the water throughout the summer.