Dockwa offers real-time reporting in hurricane damage

The company said hundreds of marinas were affected by the storm, from destroyed boats and docks to total losses.

Dockwa said it joined the effort to help the boating community in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew by contributing real-time reporting on affected marinas, bridges, rivers and waterways at its website.

The company said hundreds of marinas were affected by the storm, from destroyed boats and docks to total losses. Most of the affected marinas were in the Carolinas on the Intracoastal Waterway, with the worst of the damage coming in South Carolina and northeastern Florida.

"Dockwa is built by boaters, for boaters, so we jumped at the chance to do our small part to help marinas and cruisers affected by Hurricane Matthew," Dockwa CEO Mike Melillo said in a statement. "As a tech startup, we were able to develop this new tool on the fly, and we felt uniquely positioned to create some order out of the chaos. We hope having one source of up-to-date information provides some relief to boaters and marinas alike."

Dockwa said much of the credit is due to its partnership with Active Captain, which contributed to the report and promoted it in the boating community.

The Hurricane Matthew damage report can be accessed here.