Documentary covers bottom painting of 213-foot sailboat

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Sea Hawk has released a documentary highlighting a joint project with Newport Shipyard on coating the hull of sailing superyacht, Adix.

The hull re-coating was completed in less than 10 days and Adix, the three-masted classic styled monohulled yacht that measures just under 213 feet long with a beam of approximately 28 feet, was launched with a fresh coating of Sea Hawk Biocop TF advanced dual-biocide antifouling paint.

Titled, “The Adix, A Sea Hawk Story,” the documentary gives viewers the sense of passion the boat’s owner and his long-time skipper, Capt. Paul Goss, have for their superyacht.

“We’re here to get the antifouling sorted out,” said Goss in a statement. “We came here relying on Newport Shipyard’s expertise, and they said Sea Hawk is the one we’ve been using successfully for a long time.”

“As a family company, we’ve worked hard over the past three decades to produce the finest antifouling systems in the world,” said Sean Hawk CEO Erik Norrie in a statement. “To be part of an iconic yacht like Adix that embodies the timeless tradition of sailing is really something special.”

Click here to find the documentary.