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Dometic Group announces reorganization


Dometic Group realigned its Dometic Americas organization in conjunction with the integration of Atwood Mobile Products.

“The acquisition of Atwood Mobile Products has given us additional opportunities, which has enabled us to reposition the region and create a much stronger RV division. In addition, we also strengthened other key business units,” Dometic Americas president Frank Marciano said in a statement.

“The teams at Atwood Mobile Products and Dometic have worked tirelessly since the acquisition in October to create this new structure, which improves Dometic’s focus on its core businesses and creates more value for its shareholders,” Marciano said. “It has been a pleasure working with the team at Atwood Mobile Products.”

Marciano will continue to serve as president of the Americas, as well as acting business leader for the Americas Marine Division. The Americas organization will be divisionally focused as follows:

  • Americas Recreational Vehicles will be led by president Tim Stephens; Dave Schutz will head up RV OEM sales; Kip Ellis, RV aftermarket/retail sales; Jim Menefee, operations; Ron Grenadier, controller; and Dwight Miller and Wayne Qian, product management and innovation.
  • Americas Commercial & Passenger Vehicles will be headed by Mark Minatel; Jim Kerrigan will be responsible for OEM sales; Shane Doehrmann will lead engineering and sales for seating hardware; Jeff Jones, operations; and Fernando Mejia, aftermarket sales.
  • Americas Marine will be led by Frank Marciano. Ned Trigg will run OEM sales; Ken Taranto will run aftermarket sales. Matt Ehlschide will be responsible for operations.
  • Americas Lodging will be headed up by Fatiha Babou.
  • Latin America will continue to be run by Patrik Mattson.


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