Dominion Marine Media to debut Internet domain

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Dominion Marine Media said it will launch a new .yachts domain on the heels of the announcement that it will launch .boats, which is set to be activated in the coming months.

Dominion said the introduction of the .yachts generic top-level domain enables businesses and individuals to secure a meaningful and memorable online identity that demonstrates exactly what they are about in the marine sphere.

Dominion said that use of the .yachts domain will only be available to verified entities that provide beneficial products, services and information to the yachting industry, which means consumers will be able to trust the verified operators of .yachts websites for relevant content on these sites.

Brands and businesses in the sector can register their interest in a .yachts domain or sign up for the .yachts Founders’ Program to benefit from special rates and early availability.

“We are proud to be part of the largest ever expansion of the domain name system,” DMM president Ian Atkins said in a statement. “We will see major changes in the Internet and opportunities for online innovation in the marine and other industries. Vying for domain name space has become increasingly difficult at a cost-effective level for businesses. DMM is leading the way in addressing this with the launch of .yachts — and soon .boats — to offer more explicitly descriptive and brandable domains to marine brands and businesses.”

The Internet Corp. for Assigned Names and Numbers, which is responsible for generic top-level domains, concluded that not enough domains were available, stifling innovation and reducing competition, Dominion said.

In the next few years, domain endings will grow from 22 generic terms, such as .com and .gov, to more than 1,300.

Dominion said that although it will play an integral role in this development, it will not be directly responsible for setting pricing. That will be controlled by individual registries to be approved in due course.


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