Dominion Marine Media debuts online tracking tool

Dominion Marine Media brands YachtWorld, Boat Trader and launched Connections reporting.

Dominion Marine Media brands YachtWorld, Boat Trader and launched Connections reporting, an online performance tracking tool that the brands said offers boat brokers, dealers and manufacturers insight into all of the ways consumers interact with their inventory before making a purchase.

Customers now have visibility into buying behavior by tracking consumer activities such as social shares, email shares and website referrals.

The brands said today’s boating consumers are spending more and more time researching online before arriving at a storefront to make a purchase. Traditionally, online marketing companies have historically reported on activity at the very top of the funnel (traffic) and at the very bottom (leads).

With Connections reporting, customers across YachtWorld, Boat Trader and can track the activity that takes place in the middle of the funnel, where the brands said 90 percent of the online interaction occurs.

Connections are all of the ways that consumers interact with a brand or product before making a purchase, such as website visits, inventory browsing, social shares and email reminders.

The new reporting will track where and how consumers are sharing their listings, including when a consumer prints or emails a listing, looks up its business location, calls a dealership or sees any additional client inventory listings.

The brands said these metrics are a stronger way to determine the strength of a business’ online marketing.

“While phone calls and emails are still very important metrics to track, we are seeing that consumers are interacting with products they’re interested in much more often,” Dominion Marine Media vice president of marketing Courtney Chalmers said in a statement.

“Dealers and brokers are providing more information about their boats, which consumers expect and appreciate — so they no longer have to submit a hard lead (phone call or email) just to get basic information about a boat listing. A consumer may connect with a brand in five or six ways, but never submit a traditional phone or email lead. Instead they perform their research and then show up at the storefront ready to purchase. Tracking these interactions allows our customers to understand consumers’ touch points and anticipate storefront traffic.”