Drought causes ramp closings on Texas lake

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All 11 public boat ramps on Texas' Lake Travis are shut down because the water level is decreasing rapidly.

Officials said private marinas remain open.

Lake Travis is just 40 percent full, and the Lower Colorado River Authority said it will continue to shrink by a foot a week through October, KVUE-TV reported.

The lower lake levels also mean additional dangers have been uncovered for those who use the lake. There are tree limbs and rocks sticking out of the water and some islands are now a huge mass of land.

If the historic drought continues, the river authority said Lake Travis could be about 624 feet by January and 620 feet by March.

River authority officials will hold a meeting Tuesday to discuss how they can manage the water more efficiently. That could include cutting off water to rice farmers downstream, the TV station reported.

“I was just looking to see how low it was when they closed the ramp because I've never seen it this low before,” Chris Fish told the TV station. “I've lived here since 1992 and this is the lowest I've seen it.”

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