Dyneema to rerig boats in exchange for blogging


DSM Dyneema is looking for people who love to sail and enjoy writing about their passion.

This was the thought behind the Dyneema Experience Team, which will consist of 40 skippers on performance cruisers who will have their boats rerigged free by high-strength fiber maker Dyneema and its corporate partners.

In exchange, the skippers will test the running rigging and write about their experiences with it on social media platforms.

The most active blogging skipper in the team will qualify for a master class with a friend on one of the Volvo Ocean Race Yachts just before the round-the-world race starts in October in Alicante, Spain.

"We want to make this fun for everybody," said Marcel Alberts, global marketing manager of yarn at DSM Dyneema. "We're not looking for professional writers, expert bloggers, movie directors or photographers. We are just looking for people who love sailing and enjoy sharing their experiences with others."

Full details about the competition can be found at www.dyneemaexperience.com.

Some of the rerigged boats will feature performance lines from New England Ropes.

"The variety of platforms provide an excellent means of communication for Dyneema Experience Team members," said Marianne Badurina, marketing communications manager at New England Ropes, in a statement.

"Team members will have the ability to be very creative in the way that they share their responses by integrating video, Facebook posts, tweets and pictures, which will truly give us a firsthand look at how the product is used in its natural environment by those who love the sport the most," she added.

Click here for the full release from New England Ropes.


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