Electric Sheep debuts marine video platform

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Content distributor Electric Sheep launched a new online destination for best-in-class coverage of top maritime events, including the 12th annual Volvo Ocean Race.

The Volvo race began last Saturday and The Ocean Society will be the exclusive online digital video platform and partner for the contest.

Viewers will be able to watch all eight months of the race through The Ocean Society, giving enthusiasts the ability to track teams and take an in-depth look at all things yachting — all while watching premium video content.

Before The Ocean Society launched, there were few online (and television) platforms for nautical news and entertainment.

However, Electric Sheep, the creator and operator of The Ocean Society, has teamed up with TV’s Nautical Channel to feature the world’s latest in glamorous yachting, sailing and boating shows and news. In addition to premium video content, The Ocean Society’s blog offers unique insight and perspectives on the nautical lifestyle, with commentary from leading experts.

From an advertising perspective, The Ocean Society will leave 10 million video ad impressions on site from an estimated 15 million unique visitors and 100 million ad audience extensions, the company said in a statement.