Environmental activist charged with BUI in Vegas


Apparently celebrities are not above the law — at least the laws prohibiting boating while drunk in Las Vegas.

A Las Vegas district attorney on Tuesday handed misdemeanor charges of boating while intoxicated to Erin Brockovich, the environmental activist made famous by Julia Roberts’ Oscar-winning portrayal of her.

The 52-year-old has an Oct. 7 court date stemming from Friday’s arrest at Las Vegas Boat Harbor, officials told the Associated Press

A Nevada state game warden reported that Brockovich was arguing with her husband and threw her cellphone into the water before he observed her having trouble mooring her 26-foot Cobra, the AP reported.

The warden asked her to dock the boat, but Brockovich said she was “not very good at driving it,” TMZ said police records showed.

He then boarded the boat to help and said Brockovich was slurring her words. Two subsequent breath tests measured her blood-alcohol level at .186 and .190 on a breath test, nearly twice the limit of .08, according to TMZ, citing the police report.

The activist issued this statement of apology:

“I apologize for my actions Friday evening. After a day in the sun and with nothing to eat it appears that a couple of drinks had a greater impact than I had realized. It is very important to note that I was not operating the boat in open waters, I was moving it within its own slip. At no time was the boat away from the dock and there was no public safety risk. That being said, I take drunk driving very seriously, this was clearly a big mistake, I know better and I am very sorry."

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